Favorite Pin Friday: Barbecue Party Accessories

What better way to get to know our new neighbors here on base than to throw a neighborhood barbecue! We’ve invited everyone over tomorrow night, so I’m busy finding cute ideas on Pinterest to help me plan. Here are a few that I’ll employ tomorrow evening:

Tin Can for Utensils (pinned to my Party Love board)
Any new use for something that otherwise might head to the recycle bin is a winner for me. Country Living provided the great idea of using containers for silverware – in this case, painted tin cans. Not sure yet if we’ll need silverware, but I can always corral the napkins with this idea!

tin cans for silverware or napkin holders

Use tin cans for silverware or as napkin holders

Drink Tags (pinned to my Party Love board)
Here’s the deal: most of us don’t know each other yet, so there will be a lot of names and I’m usually terrible at remembering more than a few. I’m sure I’m not alone. But who likes name tags at a barbecue? I’m thinking drink tags are in order, and they can serve the dual purpose of helping us all remember each other’s names. I like these tags as shown on Couture Events because they are large – we won’t have to awkwardly squint to read the name. These from We Are Not Martha are very cute too, but a little small for this purpose.

Drink Bucket (pinned to my Party Love board)
Style Me Pretty pinned this drink canoe, and if I had a spare canoe I’d definitely do this! I do have several spare metal tubs, so I’ll use those for drinks instead.

Here’s to hoping everyone has a great time!

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Favorite Pin Friday: Party Decor

One of my best friends is getting married in a few months, so a couple of girlfriends and I threw the gorgeous lovebirds a little engagement party last weekend. And of course, where did we go for decor ideas? Pinterest. How did you guess?!

the party hostesses - simple party decor

the party hostesses

Here are a few great Pins if you are looking for inexpensive, super cute party decor:

Initial Burlap Banner  (pinned to my Party Love board)
Check out this very simple burlap sign, as seen on Style Me Pretty. We loved this idea and made one for our darling couple.

the beautiful couple!

You just need a little burlap and some paint (or even just a Sharpie) to make this easy banner.

Tissue Puff Balls (pinned to my Party Love board)
That Martha Stewart knows how to throw a fancy party – but these puff balls (or pom poms as Martha calls them) are cheap, fairly easy, and really dress up a rented room. Find the supplies and tutorial here. See ours below!

colorful party puff balls - easy, inexpensive party decor

colorful party puff balls – easy, inexpensive party decor

Guest Book Display (pinned to my Party Love board)
Polka Dot Bride showed us how to create a simple, but very sweet, way for guests to show their love by using clothes pins to display notes written to the couple. Find some fun card stock that compliment your color scheme (if you have one), gather the clothes pins, hang some twine and you are ready for guests to write their words of wisdom.

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Earth Day Birthday Plant Swap

In case you didn’t know, April is my favorite month. There are so many reasons for this, top of the list being 1) I’m a warm-weather girl and 2) I love plants, flowers, nature, etc. The other reason I love April? April has Earth Day! (For those of you that don’t know (shameful! kidding :)), its next Sunday, April 22.

What’s better than an Earth Day Plant Swap?

Of course I always try to celebrate this epic holiday in some small way. This year, however, I’m going bigger and better on the celebration. I’ve come up with a brilliant idea: I’m hosting an Earth Day Plant Swap.

To make the deal even sweeter, two of my very best friends have a birthday right around Earth Day, so this year, it’s gonna be an Earth Day Birthday. (They adore plants almost as much as I do, so I swear I didn’t push this on them. Ok, maybe I did, but only a little.)

Here’s what we’re doing:

Each guest will bring a (small) plant of their choice. Petunias! Tomatos! Orchids! Oh my! It doesn’t matter, as long as everyone has something to swap. Creativity is always welcome.

Then it will all go the way of your average Dirty Santa, and we’ll fight for our favorite. We’ll all take a number; No. 1 will pick his or her favorite, then No. 2 can steal from No. 1 or pick another, and so on. It could get pretty intense, fighting over the hydrangea. It’s sure to be a good time. I just can’t wait!

The best part – everyone goes home with a beautiful plant to help liven, and provide beauty and oxygen to, their home or yard. What could be better than that?!