an art update, and a visit to UGallery

I said goodbye to two paintings this month:

Set the Fire (to the Third Bar)


Second Chances

These were favorites (and Second Chances was probably no. 1) so I was so pleased that someone loved the two of them enough to purchase them. What a compliment.

They were sold via UGallery, who make the whole process really easy. The staff at UGallery are just awesome – I got a chance to meet them last month when Keith and I went to San Francisco for a wedding. Check out their post about our visit!

I’ve posted two new paintings to UGallery so make sure to check them out below, as well as all the new artwork available on this great site.

Celestial I, 14″ x 11″, mixed media on canvas, 2012


Celestial II, 9″ x 12″, mixed media on canvas, 2012

Let me know if you like these new paintings!


Second Chances is UGallery’s Daily Deal

My painting, Second Chances, is today’s Daily Deal at UGallery!

Second Chances, acrylic on canvas

Second Chances, the daily deal at UGallery: acrylic and other media on canvas, 2011, 24″ x 24″

In the market for a new painting, perhaps? 🙂

Also, I’ve kissed two paintings goodbye recently thanks to UGallery. I said goodbye to Dandelions at Dawn:

Dandelions at Dawn, acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 20″

And, Untitled No. 6 found a new home as well. This one was extra special – my good friend Mona claimed it for her own!

Untitled No. 6, abstract on canvas

Untitled No. 6, 2011 abstract on canvas, 24″ x 20″

View all of my artwork on my website. And, take some time to view the great artists at UGallery. (My paintings at UGallery can be found here.)

A HUGE thanks to all who support my painting endeavors!

New Artwork

I find that painting is best done alone – surely no one, not even my husband, wants to be around when I’m quite possibly listening to the same song over and over again, and ignoring everything else. It is one of the few things that I am totally happy to do alone, uninterrupted. Therefore, it’s become a way to pass the time happily during a deployment.

I’ve been working on a series based on the song or album that inspired the artwork.

This one began as a page in my art journal when deployment began, and I really wanted to put it on canvas. I created it while listening (over and over) to Snow Patrol’s “Set the Fire to the Third Bar:”

"Set the Fire to the Third Bar," Acrylic and Mixed Media on canvas, 24" x 24"

"Set the Fire to the Third Bar," Acrylic and Mixed Media on canvas, 24" x 24"

And, Paper Route’s “Second Chances,” ghostly, for some reason:

"Second Chances," Acrylic and Mixed Media on canvas, 24" x 24"

"Second Chances," Acrylic and Mixed Media on canvas, 24" x 24"

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