Favorite Pin Fridays: Best Chocolate Cake, and more

What did we DO before Pinterest came along?? I can tell you what I did: I kept an excel spreadsheet of anything I wanted to remember from my magazines or the web. It was semi-effective — at least I had everything stored somewhere. But it wasn’t pretty. No, not like Pinterest.

Now I use Pinterest to save the links or articles I’ve found, and the links others have found on Pinterest too.

If you are Pinning, I’m sure your world has changed for the better like mine! If you aren’t Pinning, well, I think you could be missing out.

Because I love Pinterest, and I love to share what I love, I’ll use (most) Fridays to share a few favorite links I’ve found from Pinterest (or the Pin links so you can see the photo first, then follow the Pin to the blog). Enjoy!

The Best Chocolate Cake (pinned to The Sweet Stuff board).
This Pin is from My Baking Addiction. It’s true. It IS the best. I’ve made it several times since discovering this Pin. I can’t seem to use any other recipe! (I just use the coffee we always brew, Luzianne Medium Roast Coffee & Chicory.)

recipe from mybakingaddiction.com

This recipe is good for cupcakes too! Seriously yummy.

Burlap Planter Buckets (pinned to my Garden Love board)
This was very helpful when I needed to plant my moveable garden this year. Granted, I haven’t added the burlap because the buckets are hidden in my backyard, but if they ever end up elsewhere, burlaped they’ll be.  (See the Purple Area blog for Pinned link.)

Plastic Bag Container (pinned to Getting Organized)
Let’s not even get into the amount of plastic bags that accumulate under my sink (even though I terrify the local grocers with screams of “No plastic bags! I’ve brought my own bag!!”) They still make their way into my home (sigh). I was stuffing them in a kleenex box as this blogger did, which worked pretty well. But House of Grace’s idea of spray-painting an old coffee can is much nicer. Lovely! (Visit the House of Grace blog for the How-To.)

Have any Pins to share?


Earth Day Birthday Plant Swap

In case you didn’t know, April is my favorite month. There are so many reasons for this, top of the list being 1) I’m a warm-weather girl and 2) I love plants, flowers, nature, etc. The other reason I love April? April has Earth Day! (For those of you that don’t know (shameful! kidding :)), its next Sunday, April 22.

What’s better than an Earth Day Plant Swap?

Of course I always try to celebrate this epic holiday in some small way. This year, however, I’m going bigger and better on the celebration. I’ve come up with a brilliant idea: I’m hosting an Earth Day Plant Swap.

To make the deal even sweeter, two of my very best friends have a birthday right around Earth Day, so this year, it’s gonna be an Earth Day Birthday. (They adore plants almost as much as I do, so I swear I didn’t push this on them. Ok, maybe I did, but only a little.)

Here’s what we’re doing:

Each guest will bring a (small) plant of their choice. Petunias! Tomatos! Orchids! Oh my! It doesn’t matter, as long as everyone has something to swap. Creativity is always welcome.

Then it will all go the way of your average Dirty Santa, and we’ll fight for our favorite. We’ll all take a number; No. 1 will pick his or her favorite, then No. 2 can steal from No. 1 or pick another, and so on. It could get pretty intense, fighting over the hydrangea. It’s sure to be a good time. I just can’t wait!

The best part – everyone goes home with a beautiful plant to help liven, and provide beauty and oxygen to, their home or yard. What could be better than that?!

Unusual Use for a Tree Stump

After a nasty storm a neighbor’s tree fell in my godparents’ yard, splitting one of their own trees. Sad, yes. But here’s what I love: instead of digging out the stump and saying “Oh, well,” my godmother found a new use for the remaining trunk. Very pretty, and very genius, in my opinion.

a little backyard natural sculpture

Hope this gives some inspiration to anyone else with a stump of their very own!