Your Tights Would Look Good on a Pumpkin.

My sister and I met in New Orleans during the most recent Mardi Gras (remember the portrait photos?). We had just finished doing some shopping and were sitting outside pondering where to go next when someone walked by and greeted her. It was her student, Courtney (my sister is a math instructor at our alma mater). Surprised to see Courtney there, she responded, “Hello, Courtney! Funny to see you here in New Orleans!”

My sister should have stopped there. But she was caught off guard by seeing one of her students while she was on vacation. So instead of saying something like, “Nice to see you,” she instead blurted out: “I love your tights. They would look great on a pumpkin!”

Um … what? I swear I heard a record screeching to a halt here.

What did she just say?

Did I hear that correctly?

A pumpkin??

Clearly, by the look on Courtney’s face, she heard what I heard. And she didn’t understand either. Or she was very offended.


My sister realized how it sounded and tried to explain: “You can wrap tights around a pumpkin for Halloween!”

pumpkin decorated with lace, from Better Homes and Gardens

(She was referring to something like this.) Pumpkin decorated with lace, from Better Homes and Gardens

Hmmm. That’s not much better. And it was currently February, which is obviously no where near Halloween.

Courtney gave her a bewildered, slightly hurt look, and walked on.

My sister was mortified. I was a little bit too.

So, as a good sister, I made fun of her as much as possible. And I remembered. I remembered and waited until the month of October rolled around.

And then, I mailed her one-half of a pair of ill-advised white tights that I bought but never wore.

I sent the one leg of tights with a poem too!

Here you are:

Tights for a pumpkin with a Boo card


And the poem:

Here is a leg for you. Now, mail me one too. I really hope you do. So our Halloween plans come true.

I told her the tights were on their way, so she was ready. (Her husband was not and was very confused when she pulled out a leg of tights from her envelope.)

Never to be outdone, my sister created her own poem and sent it along with some tights she dug up from our parent’s attic. (Ewww!!)

Here’s her response:

the halloween response poem

My sister’s Halloween response.

And here are my pumpkins, dressed and in honor of poor Courtney:

The pumpkins all dressed up in their tights.

Now you know to take it as a compliment the next time someone tells you your tights would look good on a pumpkin!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. LMAO!! OM! I seriously just busted up at work reading this and imagining the awkward silence (only b/c I have pulled that so many times where you say what you are thinking, no matter the randomness, only to realize that that person isn’t following your train of thought!)!!! And the pumpkins are really cute! I will have to remember that for next year!

  2. Cute post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Kelly

     /  October 31, 2012

    You two are too funny. This post is going up as my gchat status immediately.

  4. haha! I love this story, it’s really cute and I can picture it happening. I wanted to carve a pumpkin with Ellie this year but when I picked one out and went to pay for it, they told me it would be $22!!! I told them they could keep their pumpkin, I didn’t want it that badly. Anyway, hope you had a great Halloween and your fancy pants pumpkins look great!

  5. You are AMAZING! Who would think to do this? I love it!

  6. Loved it, tell your sister its a good idea! and you are lucky having a sister

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