Fav. Pin Friday: Real Simple’s Packing Guide

Are you doing a lot of travel this summer? I am, and for me the travel is great but the packing is a pain! That’s why today’s Favorite Pin Friday is a feature from Real Simple’s July issue: a Guide to Packing.

Real Simple’s Packing Guide (pinned to my Good to Know board)
If you need tips on what to pack and how, check out Real Simple’s Pack Like a Pro article (from their July 2012 issue). You’ll find tips on how to create outfits perfect for packing light, where exactly your shoes should be placed in your suitcase, and even how to fold clothes for packing ease. I’d say the tip about placing a plastic trash bag below and above all the items packed might be overkill (but certainly ultra-prepared), but I love many of the clever ideas given, such as wrapping belts along the interior frame of your bag.

Real Simple's Packing Guide

Real Simple’s Packing Guide

A couple other items I pinned from the July issue:

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PS – Have you ever wondered what to do with the packaging your new pillowcases come in? Use them for travel too by turning them into travel toiletry bags.

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