Khloe Kardashian is a Better Woman than Me.

OK, I admit: I love watching the Kardashians. They crack me up, and I only wish I had the guts to be as brazen as they are in front of the whole world and then to not care when I woke up the next morning. (Yes, I too was disappointed with Kim’s giant wedding and now giant divorce a-little-too-quickly afterward. We all make mistakes. I’m learning to forgive.)

Now it seems that my world and Khloe’s might have some sort of small parallel going … and if we were in a competition for who handles life changes better–me or Khloe–I’d say she’s definitely winning.

Khloe and I will both be moving to a place we didn’t choose because our husbands are told where to move for their jobs. Her husband is a (seemingly – I don’t actually know him) very sweet pro basketball player. Mine is a (definitely) sweet Marine.

I had hoped that Khloe and I would have an even bigger life parallel by both moving to New Orleans. If, like me, Khloe was dreaming of and happy with the idea of New Orleans, her bubble was burst. Mine was burst a few days later, and I didn’t take it so well.

New Orleans ... What Almost Was.

New Orleans … What Almost Was.

Khloe is now heading to Dallas with hubby Lamar – and instead of being a big baby and throwing a very public fit about it, she admits she’s “sad” but she also says she’s “excited.” Good job, Khloe. You are a better woman than me.

When my hopes for New Orleans were dashed, and instead I was told that I will most likely be handed over (through my husband’s almost-final orders) to the great (interesting, remote, probably-not-so-fun-as-Dallas-or-New-Orleans) city of Albany, Georgia, I didn’t say I was sad or excited. Instead I threw the biggest fit possible. I cried. I screamed. I called my family and cried and screamed and said their positivity was not helping to make me happy about it. I acted like a giant spoiled baby. You know, the kind you would expect out of a very rich reality television star.

But I’m not a very rich television star. I’m a military wife who is moving with her husband because that’s what we do. I’m moving away from my friends here at this base, further away from my friends in my previous city, further away from my job. It is how this game works.

I didn’t handle this one well at all. Maybe next time …

Because next time I’ll hopefully remember that wherever I’m going, at least I’m going with my husband whom I adore. And for now I’ll remember that this time, in Albany, Georgia, we’ll be together. We’ll have each other and we’ll build a new life there, just as, I’m sure, Khloe will in Dallas.

Thanks for being a good role model on this one, Khloe. And bigger thanks for not whining on national tv. I’m so glad I didn’t have cameras to see my meltdown. Oh, and feel free to come visit in Albany.

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  1. Stacy – you´ll be great! I think that Albany is very lucky to have you! More from me soon, but meanwhile have a great Christmas. (Spoilt baby? You? Rubbish – you´ve never ever been one, and never will.)
    Who knows, maybe I´ll come and visit you along with Khloe. Does Albany have an opera company, huh?

    • Why thank you! I will have to check into whether there is an opera company and we can go together. Merry Christmas to you and the family!

    • I’m not sure if you saw my email to you, but I was so glad to hear from you!! And many, many congrats on your new grandbaby!

  2. AW so sorry to hear the bad news. but i LOVE and ADORE this post. i’ll come visit you in albany (when there are not subzero temps). XXOO

  3. Stacy – Great post! Hey, at least it’s not Albany, New York! My friend is from there and he calls it the ultimate conversation killer when you tell people you’re from Albany! Give yourself a break. We’re all human and have our less than gracious moments. You have the right attitude… all that matters is you and Keith.

    • Thanks Val! I was thinking I definitely need you to teach me how to meditate after that performance 😉

  4. Kelly Stone

     /  December 28, 2011

    I did my once monthly facebook login (I really don’t care for that information overload…) and I saw your post! And found out that you have a blog! You now have a new reader.

    Love you and miss you, ma’am!

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