Anatomy of a Care Package

Depending on the situation of the Marine or soldier on the receiving end, the contents of a good care package should vary. However, a good care package does have some basic anatomy no matter where your Marine or soldier is or the standard of living that he or she enjoys (or despises, depending!).

care package anatomy

care package anatomy

The Anatomy, Explained:
(ie. items your care package can include)

  • Toiletries (a.k.a. hygiene gear)
    – razors, soap, shampoo, baby wipes
  • Pictures
    – of family, friends, pets, etc.
  • Letters and cards
    – and drawings from children, nieces or nephews are good!
  • Snacks (any favorites go here)
    – I try to keep these relatively healthy: peanut-butter pretzels, popcorn, nuts …
  • Food
    – only really needed if the diet consists of MREs; include canned soup, fruit, easy-mac, etc
  • Reading material (favorite magazines, books)
  • Entertainment (other than reading material: movies, games, music, whoopee cushions!)
  • Goodies from home
    baked goods in jars!
  • Something humorous. Use your imagination here.  (I sent several toy animals that grow in water. Apparently they are very entertaining.)

The one thing that I think tops the list for a good care package: personalize it! The one pictured above was an anniversary package, and you’ll see that I decorated the sides of the box with “Happy Anniversary” and included items that go along with the theme – the book, The Five Love Languages, a CD of our favorite songs, an anniversary card). And, check out an older post about a birthday-themed package too.

If you have any ideas to add, please share!

And PS: Happy Birthday Marine Corps!!

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  1. You are such a good wife! 🙂

  2. you are adorable, and so is your package graphic!

  3. Personalize it – such a wonderful tip. What’s more special than knowing someone has invested such thought in wrapping you a parcel? Great post!


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