Craft: Chalkboard Paint Wine Charms

Chalkboard paint is my new best friend (see earlier post about chalkboard paint jar labels). You can paint it on just about anything and then leave your mark, erase it, and leave it again.

For a while I’ve been thinking about creating new wine charms. Last year I made some out of wire and buttons which were cute, but my friends still have to remember which button is theirs!

An idea occurred to me: if I use chalkboard paint, then they can just write their initial! So, I invited said friends over for craft night and we made Chalkboard Paint Wine Charms.

If you want to make them too, here is what you need:

  • chalkboard paint
  • paintbrush
  • thin wood sheet (like this birch sheet)
  • drill
  • needle-nose pliers
  • jump rings (tiny metal rings sold in jewelry section of craft stores)
  • clasp (we used earring wire kidney hooks like this)
  • puff paint (optional)
  • chalk
How to make your chalkboard wine charms:
Step 1: Cut little squares from the thin wood sheet. We measured ours at 1.25″ x 1.25″, and the wood was so thin that we cut it with scissors.
Anna cuts wood for the wine charms

Anna cuts wood for the wine charms

Step 2: Using the smallest drill bit, drill one hole in each square, as near to the edge as possible. We liked ours in the corner best.
Ginny drills holes in wine charm squares

Ginny drills holes in wine charm squares

Step 3: Paint your squares with thin coats of chalkboard paint. Don’t forget to paint the edges and back with at least one coat. The front should have at least two coats, possibly three.
Painting my wine charms

Painting my wine charms (clearly it takes concentration!)

Step 4: This is optional, and also the most difficult part. Once the chalkboard paint is dry (it doesn’t take long per coat), decorate the edges with your puff paint. You are working on a small surface and only on the edges, so it can be tough.

Step 5: Well, maybe this is the hardest part! Let the puff paint dry. It takes longer than you would like at this point, because they are so darn cute you want to finish them! Instead, drink a glass of wine, chat with your buddies, and wait (but make sure to drink your own wine since the glasses aren’t marked yet!)

Step 6: Again, once the chalkboard and puff paint are dry, it’s time to assemble your charms. Using your needle-nose pliers, create space in the jump ring by pulling the two ends slightly apart. Slip one end through the hole at the edge of your charm, and then use the pliers to close the jump ring again.
Step 7: Slip your clasp through the jump ring.
Step 8: Grab your chalk, write your initial on your charm, and place it around the stem of your wine glass.
Chalkboard Paint Wine Charms

Chalkboard Paint Wine Charms

Congrats! You have new, homemade wine charms. 🙂
The completed Chalkboard Paint Wine Charm

The completed Chalkboard Paint Wine Charm

If you like the idea or try it yourself, please let me know!
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